Corporate History



INKA was as incorporated by experienced and enterprising engineers to perform machine and system design, production and installation.
Although it started its business in natural stone sector, its business subjects were increased on the basis of the demands from the industry and produced many machines, systems and production lines for companies of isolation, white goods, particularly newly established automobile and automotive sub-industry and many other companies (such as Hyundai, Toyotasa, Honda, Delphi Packard, 3M, Arçelik, İzocam, Standart Profil.. ).


INKA performed its first export with Automatic EPS Block Cutting line produced for Austria.


First work with Airbus – France were started; the scope was extended due to results providing mutual satisfaction and continued till 2010.


Automatic loading – unloading systems were produced in the curing furnace in the Fiberglass Cayırova facilities, among Sise Cam Group companies. Those systems significantly decreased energy and general expense burden in addition to increasing product quality and capacity.


Various lines and equipment were produced during Ford Otosan – Gölcük facility installation.


Upon increase of the production volume, INKA was moved to an indoor area of 3.500 m2 in a land of 10.000 m2.


When export increased up to the level of 90%, some part of the production was moved to Tuzla Industry and Commerce Free Zone.


Two lines were installed for Arçelik Bolu facility as the first and most comprehensive line installation in Turkey.

2011 -

As a consequence of the resolution taken by the Board of Directors, palletizing systems and various types of product and pallet transfer systems were chosen as the main subject of INKA which are in the main title of “End of Line Systems”. Due to this decision made, R&D personnel were increased and a quick start had been taken. Successful works were performed and has been continuing to be performed with corporations for many products. The main purpose of INKA is to examine the production facilities of the companies to develop and implement the systems which could increase efficiency and revenue increase in companies and joint solutions as a consequence of joint work with the company authorities’.

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