Why Inpal? Why Inpal?

Why Inpal?


Operator safety has priority. Doors and barriers of the machines are secured by using safety switches. Access of the operator to the working area has been prevented. The machine has a safe structure since it has been designed in the manner that it does not require operator control. Moving parts are in closed protection. If any intervenes to access the moving part, the machine stops automatically. The operator is isolated from risks using the locked doors and light barriers. The system stops when any of the doors is opened. It does not require any setup to restart after the door is closed. The system has been programmed to continue operation when the doors are locked. The circuits used are insulated. No capacitive energy can be found in various units of the system when the power is cut. Electrical circuit is safe. The machine has an audio alert system. The machine alerts operator by sound and visually.


The start button is connected to the security system which controls the emergency stops, door safety switches and light barriers. The machine stops immediately if a door is opened or something extraordinary enters the working area. Machine functions are controlled on an easy touch screen and layer settings are performed. Easy programming is available for the new layer pattern which will pass through the line. Simple language options are available on the screen to be used by the operator. Capacity and operation time of the machine is available in the control panel. Diagnostics system; time and origin of error information are again available on the control panel. INPAL 100 palletizing machines systems offers advanced machine control technologies by combining them with HMI systems. VIPA SPEED 7 PN PLC (Programming SIMATIC MANAGER) or Siemens PLC option


Opportunity to intervene instantly in the failure with Remote Access option and camera supported Tele service.


Compact design allows installation in limited areas. It has safe, closed system design. İnspection windows with security system are existing for easy monitoring.


The energy consumption is 1kWh in 1 hour of operation at 0.9 layers/minute capacity.


The system has a structure which can palletize various types of products could address all sorts of products. It is suitable for palletizing according to a wide variety of package types coming from the line. Products including shrink, tray shrink with tray, tetra pak, carboy demijohn, Kraft bag, case, cardboard box may come from the line. It offers solutions addressing those product types. The Products are handled by pushing and centering palletized by performing pushing and centering with the principle of layer forming rather than using methods that could damage the product including handling with vacuum or tightening. Different product types and particularly complex pallet patterns are palletized efficiently easily realized.


It prepares preliminary patterns of the pallets of the customer coming from the production line end and doubles layer forming speed. The system is programmed for the best efficient working regime by calculating milliseconds.


The modular units can be designed considering the line capacity and layout of the customer may be settled in conformity with the line capacity and the location limits of the customer. Units have designs fitting with one another and convenient for the modular structure configurations. It offers maximum elasticity with its modular design structure in lay-outs. Owing to its modular structure, it offers alternatives of product feeding, discharging, directing and accumulating.

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