Products INPAL 150 Series

INPAL 150 Series

• Fast and flexible palletizing ability compared to other palletizing system concepts 
• Small footprint, allows manufacturers to use their existing space more efficently,
• Able to palletize 50 different package size and type. Also allows to program new packages by the operator using the colored touch-screen,
• Fast, low cost maintanence services and low running costs due to non-complex structure and in-house manufacturing.
• Electrical and mechanical equipments used in the system are mainly EU brands
• Able to palletize complex layer formings and builds slick and sturdy pallets, thanks to its centering and gently squeezing the layer from four sides
• The clever and simple design allows easy mechanical maintenance, control and ensures palletizing reliable and highly efficent.
• Allows operation through remote access features
System Specifications
Palletizing Speed (max.) 5 layers/min
Pallet Size (mm) 800 x 1200 / 1000 x 1200 / 600 x 800
Package Dimension (max.)     1200 x 500 x 400 mm
Layer Weight (max.) 400 kg
Pallet Weight (max.) 2000 kg
Installed Power (kW) 10
Power Consumption (kW)     1
Air Consumption (l/min)     20/80 (with sheet dispenser)
“Our right for all sorts of modification for providing improvement in the dimensions and technical properties are reserved”
System Layout
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