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Inline Palletizing Systems

In factories which have more than one production line, Palletizng can be done by integrateing more than one palletizer with each other and creating an line palletiznig system. This system has many advantages.
• A specific palletizing area is determined in the factory.
• Palletizing of lines becomes manageable with less operators.
• It is possible to feed empty pallets and and get full pallets from one location through using pallet shuttles.
• If the products coming from different lines are merged into one main line, any product can be palletized in any palletizing machine. • This provides significant operational flexibility for the manufacturer.
• If there is a malfunction in any machine, the product can be palletized on an other machine. Thus, the machines back up each other. Automatic palletizing does not stop.
• Operations such as stretching and labeling full pallets can be done in a one location.
• Total efficiency is greatly improved. Operating expenses drop significantly.

System Specifications
System Layout
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