Products INPAL 1000 Series

INPAL 1000 Series

The Inpal 1000 performs palletizing with pick and place principle. It has high capacity as it handles the products as layer whereas it has a small footprint. The palletizing machine basically consists of a tower rotating 90º and two arms mounted on this tower which move vertically. Generally one arm handles products as layer whereas the other arm handles a sheet or a pallet. (depending on the product palletized)
Its simple construction compared to palletizing robots makes it a better solution for initial investment, maintenance costs and reliability.

System Specifications
Palletizing Speed (max.) 5 layers/min
Pallet Size (mm) 800 x 1200 / 1000 x 1200 / Viol Pallet
Package Dimension (max.)     1200 x 1000 x 500 mm
Layer Weight (max.) 400 kg
Pallet Weight (max.) 2000 kg
Installed Power (kW) 13
Power Consumption (kW)     1,2
Air Consumption (l/min)     80
“Our right for all sorts of modification for providing improvement in the dimensions and technical properties are reserved”
System Layout
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